Three powerful and positive promises from the Lord that will bless your heart and encourage you to keep going strong for the Lord even in old age:

1. You will bear fruit.

2. You will stay fresh.

3. You will stay green.

1. You will bear fruit:

It is not about how young or how old you are but how available to God you are. The more time you spend with Jesus in prayer, reading the Bible and doing His will the more you will want to serve God, and the more and more fruit you will bear for God.

2. You will stay fresh:

Your walk with the Lord will always be fresh, never stale. You will always maintain a cutting edge with your testimony and in your ministry as you continue to follow Jesus with all your heart. Each and every day you will be filled with a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.

3. You will stay green:

You will flourish and blossom as you graze on fresh pasture everyday in God’s word. In your life there will always be green shoots of hope everywhere. Your Life in Jesus will always be green and lush with the things of the Holy Spirit.

Someone once told me, with a smile on their face, “As you grow older the more precious and priceless you become. You get silver in your hair, you get gold in your teeth, you get stones in your kidneys, you get lead in your feet, and you get gas in your stomach.” But no matter how your body feels, the powerful, precious promises from God’s word will keep you feeling young at heart. You can be examples of faith, fathers and mothers to young Christians and still stay strong in the Lord and the power of His might, and say with a heart full of faith, “Give me this mountain, for God is with me and I shall surely take it and win the victory!”

My friend, Moses was eighty years old when he led the people out of Egypt. Caleb was eighty when he said, full of life and energy, “Give me this mountain!” Never let the world hold you back when they hear how old you are. Take hold of the promises of God and enjoy life in God as our text for today says in Psalm 92:14 (NIV), “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.”

God bless you my friend,Pastor  Matthew.

The five-fold ministry that God gave to the church was given to build up the church and help believers to build up one another for the glory of God. Take a moment to consider this practical visual demonstration; if you look at your left hand you will see a thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger.

1 ~ The thumb being the ministry of an apostle,

2  ~ The index finger being the ministry of the prophet,

3  ~ The middle finger being the ministry of an evangelist,

4  ~ The ring finger being the ministry of a pastor,

5  ~ The little finger being the ministry of a teacher.

The word Apostle in the Greek is apostolos meaning envoy, founders, missionary, a divinely appointed messenger. An apostle helps bring stability and well-balanced teaching which edifies and encourages. Notice the thumb can hold things and brings balance to the hand.

The word Prophet in the Greek is prophetes meaning one who speaks an inspired utterance. It is one who knows the mind of God, and as the index finger, he or she points the way forward.

The word for Evangelists in the Greek is euangelistes meaning proclaiming the gospel of the good news about Jesus. One who preaches a focus on the death, burial and resurrection and is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ, including the impact that the good news has on mankind’s relationship to God. The middle finger is the tallest finger; it is the one reaching out more than all the others to see souls saved.

The word for Pastors in the Greek is poimen meaning a shepherd who takes care of the sheep, one who looks after the sheep, takes care and tends for them. Appropriately then, the ministry of a pastor goes to the ring finger, the finger which many believe leads straight to the heart. A pastor is one who has a heart for the people to care, look after and tend to as a good shepherd over God’s flock.

The word for Teacher in the Greek is didaskalos meaning to teach, instruct, one who provides information and instructions in a manner intended to produce understanding, one who speaks with authority. The little finger is by no means the least, yet it is the one that the whole hand leans on. The one who teaches God’s word does so with authority as one speaking the words of God, one who opens up the Scriptures and explains God’s will and His heart for His people.

My friend, now let us look at the palm of one’s hand and there see your name engraved upon His hand surrounded by the five-fold ministry that God has given the church to prepare you and equip you for every work in service to God, so everyone may be built up in the most holy faith. This entire five-fold ministry God has given just for you, wow! What an amazing, caring, loving God you have.

God bless you, Pastor Matthew.

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