Posted by: peebles | July 14, 2016

Mark 14:54 (KJV) ~ And Peter followed him afar off, even into the palace of the high priest: and he sat with the servants, and warmed himself at the fire.

It is very easy to just follow the crowd and end up warming yourself with the wrong fire. Here, Peter was following afar off, but we cannot follow Jesus from afar off, for when we do, we start to substitute things for what is real. Then, before you know it you are warming yourself with the wrong fire and with the wrong company who have no time for the things of God. You cannot find a substitute for the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

It was while Peter was in the company at the wrong fire, trying to keep warm, that he compromised his integrity and denied Jesus. Not once, but three times did Peter deny he knew Jesus. But the grace and love of God can restore the vilest offender. Peter, in the book of John chapter 21, was forgiven and restored by Jesus. Out of that personal and close relationship with Jesus the true Fire of the Holy Spirit can be truly known.

As Peter and the disciples gathered in the upper chamber at the time of prayer, there came a blowing of a mighty wind and tongues of fire that rested upon each one of them. The Fire of the Holy Spirit burned within them with a power and passion in God. Now, here Peter sat while the True Fire burned and fell upon each and every one of them.

The question is asked, “Will you be found at the fire trying to keep warm in the company of mockers, or sitting in the upper chamber warmed by Fire and power of the Holy Spirit?”

My friend, it is far better to be seated in the place of prayer, the place of power, than share a fire to stay warm in the company of mockers. It is far better to be baptized with the Fire and power of the Holy Spirit and let His Fire burn within your hearts to be His witnesses and declare His wonders and win souls, rather than be sitting at a fire trying to just stay warm. Let His Fire not only warm your bodies, but also fill your life with His flames of passion and power with Fire of the Holy Spirit, to do His will.

God bless you my friend, Pastor Matthew.


  1. Thank You Pastor MatthewGod Bless You & Your Family Always

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