Posted by: peebles | March 22, 2016

Job 29:24 (The Message) When I smiled at them, they could hardly believe it; their faces lit up.

Imagine if you will, that this verse of Scripture is all about God, speaking to you and me. If we are honest with ourselves we find it hard to believe that God would want to smile at us. Or He would even take great delight is us and rejoice over us with singing. But this is exactly what He does. Furthermore, it is but the tip of the iceberg in His expression of His love towards us. Even though we do sin and fall down, there is forgiveness to be found in Jesus. Jesus can pull the plug on all the rubbish in our lives and wash it clean away.

For as the Bible says in 1 John 1:7 (KJV) The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin. When we repent and ask His forgiveness, we are restored washed clean in His blood, justified, just-as-if-we never sinned. When we receive His forgiveness we can then say, “I humbled myself before the Lord and prayed for His forgiveness—to God’s delight! Then once again I’ll see God’s smile towards me and celebrate, finding myself set right with God. I’ll sing God’s praises to everyone I meet, testifying, ‘I messed up my life— and let me tell you, it wasn’t worth it. But God stepped in and saved me from certain death. I’m alive again! Once more I see the light! Once again God is smiling over me!” As our text for today says in Job 29:24 (NIV)When I smiled at them, they scarcely believed it; their faces lit up.

Why is so hard to accept that God wants to smiles at us from heaven? That God wants to bless us with His bounty, His favor, His healing, His peace, His provision and His protection. God loves us so much that He gave us His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Who died on the cross of Calvary for the sins of the world: Then three days later rose from the dead victoriously . All because of His love for us.

When someone smiles at us, it is because they like us. We then respond back with a warm smile. Now let us take it a little bit deeper. When you love someone, you smile at them differently. There is such a warm expression of love towards that person to whom you are smiling at. You are so glad to see them, your heart is stirred within you, as they smile back. Their smile towards you, tells you how much they love you. But it is more than that, their smile is a smile from an intimate relationship, which brings a response from deep within their heart saying, “I am so in love with you, I love you so much..”

Imagine for a moment how you would make someone feel if you phoned then and sang this Steve Wonder song to them.

I just called to say, “I love you.”

I just called to say, “how much I care,”

I just called to say, “I love you, and I mean from the bottom of my heart.”

Would it not make you and the person you are singing it to smile? Every day God is smiling at you and singing over you, “I love you.”

My friend, at this very moment God is smiling over you. His face is turned towards you, His favor is upon you. The Bible says in Numbers 6:24 to 26 (NIV) The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

His smile from heaven towards you says, “I am so in love with you, oh my child, I love you so much.” May today you know your heavenly Father is smiling at you, because He loves you so much and delights in you.

God bless you my friend, Pastor Matthew.


  1. Thank You Pastor Matthew for this beautiful message.God Bless You & Your FamilyHappy Resurrection Sunday!!Best, Gia

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