Posted by: peebles | December 12, 2014

1 Kings 10:2 (NIV) ~ Arriving at Jerusalem with a very great caravan.

Now let us examine this verse and open up our text for today.

Then, as we do so, let us see how we can use it in a productive and positive manner for our lives today.

Imagine if you will, Jerusalem is your church.

There you bring your great caravan of offerings unto the Lord, offerings which can be used to reach the lost; your caravans of food parcels, your caravan of gifts to the poor, bringing them all into the storeroom, the church (your Jerusalem).

From the caravan of love, you then reach the lost, feed them, clothe them and show them grace, mercy and love in His name.

Story ~ The Housemartins, at the end of 1986, achieved their only UK number one single on the 16th of December, with a cover version of Jasper Isley’s “Caravan of Love”, with these lyrics:
Every woman, every man, join the caravan of love,
Stand up, stand up, stand up.
Everybody takes a stand, join the caravan of love.

In these shorts lyrics I can hear the words echo in my heart, “Join the caravan of love;” a caravan of mercy, a caravan of blessing, a caravan of hope.

If we all join the caravan of love, of mercy, of hope, if we all take our caravans, laden with gifts, unto the church, where we can distribute them to reach the lost, how much of an amazing witness would that be in our local communities?

His caravan, laden with love, mercy and grace opened up freely towards you, from there, you were given gifts from heaven, clothed in royal robes you did not deserve.

Yet He opened His caravan of blessing unto you.

He fed your impoverished spirit with His word, and you responded in faith and received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Now it is the time for you to do something in return in order to minister to others.

As our text for today says in 1 Kings 10:2 (NIV), “Arriving at Jerusalem with a very great caravan.”

May today when you arrive at “Jerusalem” with your great caravan of gifts to feed the poor, not only in the flesh, but in the spirit also, and pray that they, in turn, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

God bless you my friend, Pastor Matthew


  1. God Bless You MatthewHave a Blessed Weekend!Best, Gia

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