Posted by: peebles | October 25, 2013

John 21:12 (NIV) ~ Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.”

Come and start your day in the right way by having breakfast with Jesus. Just as Jesus gave bread to the disciples first thing in the morning to feed them, so Jesus says to you today, “Come and have breakfast. Let me give you your fresh daily bread to start your day with first thing in the morning.”

Begin your day with Jesus; let Him have the first fruits of your day rather than the leftovers last thing at night. Better to ask His blessing and seek his will and direction for your day ahead, than lay on your bed at night wishing you would have asked for His help at the beginning of the day.

Come and have breakfast with Jesus, warm your heart by the fire of fellowship, as Jesus feeds you with daily bread that comes fresh from Jesus Himself, as He gives you strength, direction and wisdom to face whatever may be ahead of you. Let Him fill you afresh with a heavenly purpose to catch the fish and bring them to Jesus.

Come have breakfast with Jesus, is a personal invitation for a close one-on-one intimate time of sweet fellowship with Jesus, to eat and taste of His goodness, His Word, and His Bread of Life that will help you grow in God. Come close to Jesus first thing in the morning, and let the burning fire from the heavenly coals warm your heart.

My friend, can you hear Jesus saying to you from our text for today from John 21:12 (NIV), “…‘Come and have breakfast.’” Come and start your day, fill your spiritual life with the fresh daily bread prepared by Jesus, to fill your life with His strength, freshly touched by the flames of the fire of the Holy Spirit, to go filled with His word and on fire for God to face this new day.

God bless you friend in Jesus, Matthew.


  1. Thank you, for allowing God to use you, to bless my heart and others. God blessings to you and your family.

  2. Thank you for being a blessing to me and to many others! May GOD continue to use your life to be an arrow pointing to Jesus, His Son..
    Please, can I share this on fb.

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