Posted by: peebles | June 17, 2013

Psalm 18:35 (KJV) Thy gentleness hath made me great.

Aesop (620 – 560 BC), a Greek slave, is best known for the numerous fables that are credited to him. One of his fables tells the story of a battle, which took place between the Wind and the Sun.

One day they both saw a man walking along the road wearing a jacket. The Wind boasted to the Sun, “I am so strong I can make his jacket come off.” So it blew as hard as it could, with all the gales it could muster, but instead of taking his jacket off, the man pulled it closer to himself, holding it tighter to his body.
Then is was the Sun’s turn to try. It broke through the wind and clouds, and shone on the man with its gentle rays of sunshine. The man paused and looked up and then as the Sun kept shinning with its gentle rays of warmth, the man relaxed and took his jacket off.

It was not the harsh, howling winds, or the raging, blustery winds which caused the man to take his jacket off, but the gentleness and warmth of the Sun, which caused the man to relax, feel at easy and take his jacket off.

Our text for today says in Psalm 18:35 (KJV) Thy gentleness hath made me great. His gentleness will take away the howling, raging winds and bring you peace. His warmth will minister to you and help you throw off the “jacket” of heaviness and despair, and replace it with a garment of praise. He will fill you with joy in the Holy Spirit as you yield yourself to His gentleness and there, throw off the things that hinder you from enjoying more of the resplendent rays of glory from the Son of God, the Light of Life.

My friend, it is the gentleness of the Lord that will minister to you the most. His gentleness will cause you to feel safe and secure in the Savior’s love. God will shine upon you through His Son, who is the Light of Life. He will let His brilliant rays of glory and gentleness lift you up and make you great, for the Bible says in Psalm  18:35 (KJV) Thy gentleness hath made me great.

God bless you my friend, Matthew.

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