Posted by: peebles | January 22, 2013

1 Peter 2:5 (NIV), “You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”.

A few weeks ago now, I passed a building site, where there was a large security fence, within which was a pile of bricks. At first I thought to myself, “How strange, to go to such an extreme measure, too guard a pile of bricks that cost pennies”. But then I realized, lying there within the security fence was not just a pile of bricks, but the material to build something of such beauty, and priceless wonder.
Let me explain, one brick on its own, might not look like much, but if you add together other bricks and build them together, you are limited only by your own imagination as to what kind of beautiful building can be built. Take the great buildings of the world, they all started with one brick that gave a good foundation as a solid cornerstone. But then as bricks were added, together they built the Taj Mahal, the Empire State building, Buckingham Palace, the Great Wall of China, the Hanging gardens of Babylon, and the great Pyramids of Egypt, to name but a few.
My friend, the purpose of a brick is not just to be piled in a corner, but rather, its purpose is to be part of a grand design. So just imagine what God can do with us, as living stones, being a part of God’s grand design, having a divine purpose to be built into something of timeless beauty for the Kingdom of God . If we let Him use us as living stones, building together for Jesus and upon Him as our firm foundation; our cornerstone, and let the Holy Spirit and our love in Jesus be the cement that holds us together, what we will build together in God, as one people, will be something of priceless wonder for Him and His Kingdom.
God bless you my friend, Matthew.

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