Posted by: peebles | March 9, 2012

Luke 15:17 (NIV) When he came to his senses.

It takes a real man to admit he is wrong, furthermore, it takes even a bigger man to do something about it. Why is it, that to say the word, ‘sorry,’ and really mean it from your heart, can be the hardest thing to do?

The man in Luke 15, had to first of all, ‘came to his senses.’ Sometimes it takes a wake up call, a reality check for you to say, “there most be more to life than this? How did I get myself in this mess? Why have I let myself fall so low?” When you have come to the end of your rope, reach out for the hem of His garment.

Saying, “sorry” is only the first step, the next is repentance.

Now there is the best place in the world to start, in prayer.

When he, ‘came to his senses.’ He prayed.

In his heart he repented, then turned away from his empty way of life where he was living rough, without a home and hungry. He had lived on the edge, he had enjoyed the trapping of sin. But now all his money had gone, spent on wild living and sin. The candy coated sin had tasted good while is lasted. But now he was left with next to nothing.

The Bible says in Luke 15:17 (NIV) When he came to his senses. He went back to his father.

So many people are so far away from the house of their Father, lost, living in sin. There is a spiritual emptiness inside each and everyone of them longing to be filled, in the depths of their soul there is a hunger, a famine of God’s word, they feel empty and sprirtualy homeless. They have enjoyed the trappings of sin but for a season. Now however, inside of them they long to come home to the house of their heavenly Father.

For each and everyone of them there has to come a point where they, ‘come to their senses, and take the first step back to their Father’s house. To call out to God in repentance and prayer. Then go back to the house of their Father God, where a warm welcome awaits them. Where the loving arms of their Father God longs to embrace them.

I recently watched the Sylvester Stallone movie, ‘Rambo’. While I do not approve of the violence, nor the brutality of the movie. There is at the end of the movie this final scene, where Rambo is walking on the road home to his father’s  house. He had, had enough of the violence, enough of blood-shed, there was no peace in his life. He no longer wanted to live in the back drop of a life where killing someone was the only way to survive. He wanted peace, so he went back to the house of his father. He had, ‘come to his senses,’ for within his father house was grace, peace, safety and a place where he was loved and wanted.

My friend, there comes a time in your life, where you come to a place of decision. A place where you, ‘come to your senses.’ How long will you live in sin, how long will you try and live an empty life, filling your stomach with the pods that the world feeds you? No matter how hard you try to fill your life with as many fast cars, friends, nights out, drink, and drugs. They can never give you true peace and spiritual fulfillment. For inside of you there is a spiritual emptiness which is filled only by God. In our text for today says in Luke 15:17 (NIV) ‘When he came to his senses.’ Maybe it is time some of us did just that, ‘come to our senses,’ and come back to the house of our heavenly Father. Start as the man in Luke 15 did, in repentance and prayer. And return unto the house of your Father God, who is waiting with His arms of acceptance and love open wide, longing to embrace you once again.

God bless you my friend, Matthew.

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