Posted by: peebles | February 9, 2012

Jeremiah 1:11 to 12 (NIV) ~ The word of the LORD came to me: “What do you see, Jeremiah?”

With the toothpaste poised in one hand, and my toothbrush with the bristles pointing up, in the other, waiting for the fresh minty toothpaste to be applied onto it, I suddenly stopped and looked in the mirror. It was first thing in the morning; I had just had a shower and was standing in the bathroom, in my bathrobe, in front of the mirror which was on the wall in ahead of me, with sink level with my waist. Slowly I raised my head upwards until I looked at myself eye to eye. 

Then the question came to me, “What do you see?” I looked at my image in the mirror with a puzzled expression. I thought to myself, “I see a guy in a bathrobe, holding a tube of toothpaste in one hand and tooth brush in an other, ready to brush his teeth!”

Then this thought came to me again, “What do you see?” But this time my hands slowly rested over the sink as I leaned forward so my eyes were so close to the mirror I could see the deep blue colour from my eyes staring back at me. My face now had upon it a very serious and intense frown, as if I was staring deep into my heart, searching inside my spirit for an answer to the question, “What do you see?” Within my mind I said, “I see a man who loves Jesus. I see a man who knows where he has come from and where he is going. A man who has travelled on a hard path, who has suffered pain along the way, but Jesus has given me a new hope. I see a man who has given his heart to Jesus, a man who wants to do his best for the Lord.” I then paused, as if frozen on the stop. I lifted my chin up and straightened up my back as if to stand to attention, and then fixed my gaze right into my eyes, and said out loud, “What do I see? I see that I am a child of the living God, I see Jesus in me the hope of glory.” Right there and then, I prayed, “Lord, when the world looks at me, and they ask each other the question, ‘What do you see in him?’ Let them see Jesus in me!” 

My friend, when the question is put to you, “What do you see?” Lift up your head, stand tall and declare, “I see in me a child of the living God, I see Jesus shinning though me, for the glory of God.”  

Lord God, today let whoever I meet see Jesus in me, thank you Lord.

God bless you my friend, Matthew.

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