Posted by: peebles | January 12, 2012

Genesis 24:11 (NIV) ~ He had the camels kneel down near the well outside the town.

Camels can go a long time without drinking any water. They can even walk through a wilderness, and during dry spells they can still keep going, but sooner or later they have to take the time to drink from the well.  Can you relate to this picture that I have painted with words today? Have you felt as if it has been a long time since you just sat at the well of His blessing and been refreshed? You have been on a long journey, and at times you have felt dry, but you have kept going. You have walked through a wilderness experience in your life, but you have been too busy with other things to spare a thought of kneeling down at the well to drink and be refreshed in the Lord. Your Great Shepherd Jesus wants you to kneel down and draw from the well of Salvation, to be refreshed. You cannot carry the load all by yourself.

There once was a man was carrying a large shoulder bag, it was a very heavy weight over his shoulders. As he was walking along the way, a man pulled over while driving a horse and cart and offered the man a lift. The man climbed on beside him still carrying the heavy load over his shoulder. When the man who owned the horse and cart noticed this he said, “You can lay it down and rest.” But the man replied, “You were kind enough to carry me, I could not expect you to carry my burden as well.” Many people have carried unnecessary heavy loads which they think they can, and should, carry, just like that man. They have carried the load on their own shoulders, like a camel carries a load on its back. It is time to let Jesus carry you and to take your heavy load and give you rest as you fully trust in Him.

My friend, lay it all down at the feet of Jesus, kneel down at the well and be refreshed. Let Him help you, let Him refresh you, let Him lead you. It is time to pause, even in the busyness and the hustle bustle of life, and come to the well to drink. If you do not take the time to rest, sooner or later you will be so dry on the inside, so empty, that you will find it difficult to cope on your own. This need not happen if you just take the time to rest in Jesus and drink of the well, and be refreshed in Him. 

God bless you my friend, Matthew.



  1. I have found a well by discovering your blog today.

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