Posted by: peebles | December 16, 2011

Numbers 17:8 (NIV) ~ The next day Moses entered the Tent of the Testimony and saw that Aaron’s staff, which represented the house of Levi, had not only sprouted but had budded, blossomed and produced almonds.

This staff had no life in itself yet, through God, life blossomed on it. This staff was once just something to lean on but now, it has become an instrument by which God has displayed His power.

This once dead piece of wood with no root system to depend upon for life, has suddenly sprouted, budded, blossomed and produced almonds. 

When Moses was given the word from God, all he was expecting God to do was make this rod sprout. However, God is able to exceedingly, abundantly, up and above anything you can ever imagine. His blessing and favour will be more than you will ever expect, far more than you can ever imagine, providing far more than you will ever need, for He is EL SHADDAI, the God who is more than enough! 

You were once a branch with no life in yourself yet, God grafted you into the Vine (Jesus) where you sprouted, budded, blossomed and produced fruit. Jesus says this in John 15:16 (NIV), “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.” We can also approach God with confidence in prayer, knowing Him to be a faithful God, because He can do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ever ask or think. For the God who made the staff of Aaron sprout, bud, blossom and produce a cluster of almonds, can do anything, for with God all things are possible. 

My friend, God can give Life and cause Life to sprout, bud, blossom and produce fruit as a testimony to the on-looking world, and they will see that whoever He has chosen, He will bless and change for His glory. One last thing to take on board, Aaron’s staff that budded was kept safe within the Ark of the Testimony. We are kept safe within our Ark, Jesus Christ, safe within His dwelling place forevermore as a testimony to the world that we belong to God.

God bless you my friend, Matthew.


  1. It is very unique thought i am very bless with it

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