Posted by: peebles | September 29, 2011

Ephesians 1:6 (NIV) ~ to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.

I love this story about a woman who once lived in Kansas City U:S:A with her son and daughter. Her husband had left them years ago and over the years, she had struggled to bring up the children with what little she had. The whole family lived in an apartment block in a rundown part of town; some people could describe it as a ghetto.

The only thing the woman ever dreamed of was having a house that had a room with a view, so she could grow window boxes full of flowers. After many years, she had saved up enough money to move house. However, her son, said, “Mum, I have a chance to go into business with my friend, and together we can make lots of money that will pay for a better house. All I need is the money that you have saved up, and then I and my partner can do this.” He pleaded with her so much and wore her down. She thought to herself, “How could I refuse my only son the chance to do this?” So she gave him the money and he went off into the night to find his friend. When he found his so-called friend, the man took the money and said, “I will be back tomorrow with my share so we can go in business together. Meet me here tomorrow night at the same time.” However, the following night, when the son tired to find his friend he could not, because he had skipped town with all his money.

Utterly defeated and dejected had to go back to tell his mum what had happened. When he went through the front door he was greeted by his sister, “What happened” she asked. Just then, his mum walked in and saw her boy standing there with his face downcast and with tears in his eyes. As he began to tell them what had happened and how he was so sorry for what had done, he promised to do whatever it would take to somehow make it up to them. His sister became angry with him and she came down hard on him telling him what she thought of him for being so foolish and how he had broken, not only her dreams, but her mother’s dreams as well. She beat on him badly and tore him to shreds, stomping her foot on the floor in rage, while shouting as loudly as she could at him with her finger pointed, like an arrow full of hatred, towards his face.

Her mum said in loving tones in a way only a mother could do, “Child, that’s your brother you’re talking to, try to love him and give him some grace.” “LOVE HIM, MOTHER? GIVE HIM GRACE?” she retorted in anger, “There is nothing left to love, he does not deserve any grace.” The mother replied, “Child, when do you need to be loved, when you’re living real good and everything is going your way? Or, when nothing is going your way, and the world has gone and done you bad, and when you feel you can’t go any lower and you can’t go on? When do you need grace and to be loved the most? It is when you don’t deserve it, that is when you need it the most, because child, if you have not learnt that then, you have not learnt anything.”

When do you need encouragement the most? When we have done something great and we are top of the world? Or, when we feel rejected and that we can’t go any lower, or feel you can’t go on? When do you need grace? Is it when you are doing everything right? Or, is it when you have done something wrong and don’t deserve it at all?

The love of God reaches out to you today with grace; grace that you did not deserve because of the way you lived before you came to Jesus.

You did not deserve his love, but he freely gave it.

You did not deserve his acceptance, but he freely gave it.

You did not deserve his grace, but he freely gave it.

You did not deserve his encouragement, but He freely gives it to you daily.

He lifts you up so you can stand on mountains. You can walk with you head held high, because Jesus is the up lifter of your head, and you can walk tall in him, and soar on wings like eagles.

The Hebrew word for grace is charis meaning kindness and favour towards someone, a gracious gift that is undeserved, and God’s unmerited favour. Grace is something not deserved from God yet, God poured out His glorious grace unto you. Even though you did not deserve His grace, He loved you. Oh, His glorious grace.

James Row once penned this beautiful gospel song with these uplifting lyrics:

Love lifted me, love lifted me, when no one but Christ could help, love lifted me.

My friend, try today to love just that bit more, to encourage someone whom the world has knocked down. Try to build them back up in the Lord and love them with the love of the Lord. The Bible says in Romans 5:20 (NIV), “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more”. Another Bible translation puts it this way, “His grace increases yet the more!” His glorious grace is poured so incessantly from above, unceasing continuous flow of grace.

Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sin!

Marvellous, infinite, matchless grace, God’s grace that is greater than all my sin.
God bless you my friend, Matthew.

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