Posted by: peebles | August 3, 2011

Hebrews 12:2 (NIV) ~ Let us fix our eyes on Jesus.

I grew up watching golf with such great legends of the game as Jack (The Bear) Nicklaus, Greg (The Great White Shark) Norman, Severiano Ballesteros, Lee Travino and now, Tiger Woods. The best I could do is win a game of mini golf (crazy golf) from time to time, but I admire their dedication and professionalism. Like poetry in motion, they make things look so easy, but behind them are years of trying and never giving up.

In thinking about the game of golf, we can draw some interesting parallels between the golf and the Christian life. Let’s take a look at God and golf:

Always keep your eye on the ball.

Always have a good firm stance.

Always have a good caddie.

Always chose your club well.

Always follow through.

And always aim for the target.

Always keep your eyes on Jesus; never take your eyes off Him.

Always keep your feet planted in the word of God and stay well balanced, with the things of Scripture.

Always listen to the Holy Spirit, who will guide you in all truth, and tell you what has yet to come.

Always chose the right approach on how to handle everything with wisdom of God.

Always follow through with your promise. Always follow up with someone who has made a decision to follow Jesus and help them become His disciple.

Always have goals and targets; always be busy with the things of the Kingdom of God.

Never be distracted by the crowd, nor be put off if you miss a shot.

If you fall foul, then ask His forgiveness and He will keep you on track.

And as you approach the 18th, the end of the course, your final walk, you will hear a great cheer, as the great cloud of witnesses from heaven raise their voices to cheer you on to glory.

My friend, if you ever end up in a sand pit, do not swing about aimlessly, but take your time in prayer and God will lift you out of the pit. If you land in the rough areas, ask for the wisdom of God to help get you back on the fairway and when you have finished the course, there is a prize for you, your coronation in heaven.

God bless you my friend, Matthew.

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