Posted by: peebles | June 28, 2010

Genesis 29:31 (NIV), “When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved…”

Genesis 29:31 (NIV), “When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved…”

Recently, as I read through the book of Genesis once again, I came across this verse Genesis 29:31 (NIV), “When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved.” It had me in tears and my heart broke for Leah. You see, Leah was not very pretty woman in form and had weak eyes, unlike her sister who was lovely in form and beautiful. 

Leah, try as she may, could never be like her sister Rachel, and try, as she may in her relationship, Jacob never loved her. How sad is that! Can you imagine Leah trying everything she could to be loved, but knowing in her heart it was fruitless? Yet she kept trying, hoping that one-day Jacob would look at her in the way he looked at Rachel. But it never happened.  

How heartbreaking must it be to be in a relationship where you know, in your heart, that you are not loved? That no matter how hard you try, you are never loved in return.

You can just imagine Leah, crying herself to sleep each night, broken-hearted with the feeling of rejection.

Nevertheless, God was not far from her in her time of need. The Bible says this in Genesis 29:31, “When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb”. God is not blind as to how people are treated in relationships. God opened up her womb; every child is gift from God. Leah gave birth to Reuben, which is Hebrew for, “The Lord has seen my misery”.  

Leah said, “Surely my husband will love me now.” Then God opened up her womb again and she gave birth to Simeon, then Levi and then Judah. However, in all this, she was still not loved. But, God loved her!  

Leah became an instrument of God’s redemptive grace. For it is through Levi, that we get the Levitical priesthood, which brings us close to God in worship and service to Him. Then through Judah comes the Kingship from David’s line. Indeed, Judah is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ in both the books of Matthew and Luke. Jesus Christ came to bring us close to God in worship and service to Him; He also came as our King.

My friend, God is not blind to those who are in relationships, where they are over-looked and not loved. One of the greatest gifts in life is, “To love and be loved in return”. God loves you more than you could ever imagine; more than tongue could tell or words could ever describe. In the eyes of God, you are never over-looked. In His eyes, you are so beautiful beyond compare. He loves you so very, very much. God’s desire is to bless you; to God you are His treasured possession and the apple of His eye. You shine like the jewel in the crown and He is in love with you.

God bless you my friend, Matthew.


  1. I don’t know if maybe God is simply working on the hearts of many, on the same topic right now, ministering through you, or if He just knows that your devotions are a blessing to my life. Whatever the case, I want to thank you for your faithful service to the body and to Christ in what you do here. God has used you again and again these last few weeks to speak to me the exact things which have been on my heart, and to encourage me with the same phrases I have been reading and seeing a lot!

    God bless you Matthew! You are an instrument/tool well used by God, and a tremendous blessing to me (as well as to many), as my brother in Christ. So, thank you! May God richly bless you the way He does others through you!

    Your sister in Christ,

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